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Learn Russian with Kira title

Would you like me to evaluate your pronunciation?

Hello, Russian language learners! 


If you are learning Russian as a second language and would like detailed feedback on your pronunciation from me, please email me at to request an evaluation. 


An evaluation from me is like a pronunciation “diagnosis”: I give you a specific set of tasks to record, ask you to listen back to your recording and complete a self-evaluation, provide you with written feedback, and meet with you for a 20-min consult on Zoom to follow up.  During the Zoom session we discuss the feedback I’ve provided, we work on some of the issues together, and I recommend study techniques tailored to your personal needs.  I charge $100.00 USD total for the written feedback and the Zoom session together. 


I do evaluations on an occasional basis (I don’t always have time!) so be sure to email me first to see whether I can take on the job.  If you have already emailed me and I have confirmed that I can do an eval for you, please follow the directions below. 


Looking forward to working with you! 




Step 1 – Email Kira!

Email me at to make sure I have time to do your evaluation!  Only proceed to Step 2 if you have received confirmation from me!

Step 2 – Record Yourself

Record yourself performing the four tasks below.  A video is better than an audio recording so I can see your mouth, but the clarity of the audio is the most important thing!

Task 1: Warm Up

Read the words from left to right.


а                о                 у        

та              то                ту

там            том             ту́мба

да́ма          до́ма           ду́ма


ю               е                  и

и                и́ми             и

и                идти́           тип

и                иди́             Ди́ма

Task 2: Words

Read the words below.


  1. давно́, э́ту

  2. том, тёмный

  3. жизнь, центр

  4. го́рода, зоопа́рк

  5. ве́чер, октября́

  6. 3 часа́, ро́зовое

  7. в теа́тре, как дела́,

  8. сел, съел

  9. друзья́, бра́тья

  10. для неё, встреча́ться

  11. дома́шняя, об И́горе

  12. во́дка, коне́чно

Task 3: Sentences

Read the sentences below.


  1. Ка́тя!  Как дела́?

  2. Ску́чно!  Идёт дождь.

  3. Пого́да сего́дня.  На у́лице темно́.

  4. Ему́ всего́ оди́н год.

  5. Хо́чешь в зоопа́рк?  Хорошо́.

  6. Уже́ три часа́?  Пора́ идти́.

  7. Э́то твоё ро́зовое пла́тье?  Нет, её.

  8. Э́то друзья́?  Нет, бра́тья.

  9. Мы вчера́ бы́ли в теа́тре.

  10. Ты куда́ идёшь?  К И́ре, коне́чно!

  11. Уро́к ско́ро начина́ется.

  12. Ну, как дома́шняя рабо́та?  Легко́!

Task 4: Spontaneous Speech

Tell me a little bit about your world in Russian (3-5 sentences). You could tell me about yourself, what you see around you, or what happened yesterday…whatever you want to say.  Don’t worry about being perfect!  If you are a beginner, say any 3-5 sentences that feel familiar to you. 

Step 3 – Download the Self-Evaluation

Make a copy of the Individual Self-Evaluation as a google doc here.  

Or download the Individual Self-Evaluation as a Word doc here.   

Step 4 – Listen Back & Complete the Self-Evaluation

Listen back to your recording and follow the directions on the self-evaluation.  (This is important!  It tells me what your ear is telling you.)

Step 5 – Complete the Payment Process

Complete the payment process.  The total cost for written feedback and a 20-minute Zoom consultation is $100.00 USD.

Step 6 – Submit Your Recording & Self-Evaluation

Share your recording and self-evaluation with me – and shoot me an email so I know it's ready for me to look at!  In your email, be sure to tell me what your parameters are for a Zoom call in terms of my time zone (Eastern Time in the US, the time zone for New York City), so that I can propose a couple meeting times. 

What happens next?

After you complete the steps above, I will download your recording and self-evaluation.  I’ll listen and finish my part of the evaluation, adding to what you’ve already written.  Then I’ll send the evaluation back to you with my feedback added to it and propose a few times to Zoom together.  Hope I get to work with you soon! 

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